Dressing the Part

While I was in Williamsburg, I got a chance to dress like a gentry lady. I put on all the layers a true gentry lady would wear every day.  Even in heat that rose above the 90s, the women always wore all these layers of clothes.  If you want to see what layers a person would wear in 18th century Williamsburg, go to http://www.history.org/History/teaching/dayInTheLife/webactivities/dress/dress.cfm  See if you can dress a person from each level of society.  Have fun.  In the meantime, see how I got a chance to do this.

Step 1: Chemise (Keep in mind, I had my shorts and top on underneath)

Next, I put on the bustles (no stays for me)

The silk petticoat underneath

The silk gown, stomacher, and lace collar
The lace cap, then tuck all hair underneath

The silk bonnet on top of the cap and I am finished

The rear view - see how wide with all the petticoats!

Front view - imagine all these layers every day!

a real 18th century gown and accoutrements!

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