Name These Objects

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I decided to add extra pages since I found so many amazing objects during my travels.  

Take a careful look at each of these items.  Some of them you may recognize.  Others seem odd.  Some you can guess what they might be used for by their surroundings or because they are similar to other objects you know.  I'll give you a few hints with each one.

#1 A pharmacist might use this to crush something you might need to get better

#2 Can you read the jars? Where would you find these?

#3 Do you have a toothache?

#4 You might need this if your shoes are muddy.

#5 Do these look like something you need to hold something up?

#6 Look on the back of this carriage.  What do you see?

#7 Horses and troops need to watch out for these.

# 8 A size for every foot

# 9 You want this to come to your house if it's on fire

#10 Wedgewood was famous for this

#11 A lady never went anywhere without this

#12 Babies loved playing with these

#13 Sometimes it gets a little chilly

#14 No electricity

#15 A little water to clean up

#16 Better get rid of these or your crop will fail

#17 What? No faucet?

#18 Feeding a lot of people

#19 This is part of a weapon soldiers carried

#20 What is it? What is it covering?

#21 Imported from China to make your house pretty

#22 it took a long time to weave this

#23 It's almost too small to see, but you need a lot of them to read

#24 what do you think was weighed here

#25 These belong in a kitchen

#26 Can you tell the time?

#27 Someone lives here

#28 This was the most important crop

#29 Can you believe men wore these?

#30 Living in tents made it hard to cook. What would you cook here?

#31 It's made of wood

#32 How do you clean your clothes?

#33 Even adults need to play

#34 These were confiscated from the British

#35 On the battlefield you need someone who can use these

So, with the hints I gave you, can you figure out what these items were used for? Do you know who used them? In the 1700s, these objects were all used by people not much different from you and me.  So, if you think you know what they are, post an answer with the number next to it.

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