Book of Manners

There is a lovely little book called "The School of Manners" or "Rules for Children's Behavior".  Printed in 1701 in England, children in the colonies were made to follow these rules every day.  The book includes rules for children at home, at church, at the table, when company comes to call, when speaking, when going abroad, and last but not least - at school.  The rules for school I am including below.  I think they will make even the students and other children in your life chuckle!!!

Rule 1. The first rule tells the children to bow when entering a room and if a boy, to take off one's hat and acknowledge each person in the room.

Rule 2. The second rule tells the children not to loiter, or hang about.

Rule 3. The third rule tells the students to stand when a stranger enters the classroom and then sit back down in silence.

Rule 4. The fourth rule tells the student to not stare if the school master is speaking to someone else.

Rule 5.  The fifth rule states the students should not interrupt the school master when speaking to someone else.  The school master will speak with the students when he is ready.

Rule 6. The sixth rule states the students shall not speak while in school. They must remain silent and peaceable at all times.

Rule 7.  The seventh rule states that when the master does speak to the students, the student should stand up and bow first, the listen closely, before answering.

Rule 8. The eighth rule states the children should not fight at school.  They should not complain or cry.  Most of all, the students should only speak when answering questions.

Rule 9. The ninth rule states the students should stand up and bow if a stranger speaks to them. They should give the same respect to the stranger as they would to the school master.

Rule 10. The tenth rule declares the student should not run when school is dismissed, but walk quietly.

Rule 11. The eleventh rule declares the students should go right home after school.  They should not speak to strangers or dilly dally, but go quietly home.

Rule 12. The last rule - the students are not to speak with anyone about what happens or is said at school.

Times have certainly changed since the 1700s, haven't they?

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